“ONEZERO X“ – Launch of agency for artificial intelligence in sports business

09 September 2019 / By ONE8Y


ONE8Y founds with STATWORX founder Sebastian Heinz the AI agency “ONEZERO X”
Focus of the joint venture will be the application of artificial intelligence for the sports and entertainment industry
Hendrik Fischer and Sebastian Heinz are the managing directors

The sports marketing agency ONE8Y founded the joint venture “ONEZERO X” together with Sebastian Heinz, founder of the AI & Data Science consultancy STATWORX from Frankfurt. The focus of the new venture is the holistic support of companies, clubs, associations and media in the field of AI & Data Science in the sports and entertainment sector. In addition, the ONEZERO X team develops modern solutions based on machine learning to improve products, processes and services.

Hendrik Fischer, CEO of ONE8Y and Managing Director of ONEZERO X: “Our service portfolio is unique in the European sports business market and ranges from analyses and consulting services to implementation. Whether dynamic pricing questions for the fan shop or for ticket sales, precise forecast models for stadium/arena utilization or no-show rates for business seats, the precise calculation of customer churn-rates, and much more. By combining our two competences, we at ONEZERO X are taking the topic of data-based consulting services in the sports business to a whole new level.”

Sebastian Heinz, CEO of STATWORX and second managing director at ONEZERO X, adds: “The modern machine learning and AI solutions that are developed and implemented in the corporate environment can also be implemented for many questions of clubs and associations. At the end of the day, these are also companies that must operate profitably and efficiently. Machine Learning and AI offer massive and hitherto untapped potential here.”

Sitz der AI-Agentur ONEZERO X ist Wiesbaden. www.onezero-x.com