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Wiesbaden, 07/18/2023:  On the occasion of the ongoing Tour de France, the sports marketing agency ONE8Y presented further market research results from their global sports business database „ONE8Y DB.“ A representative market research study was conducted in nine countries, involving more than 8,500 cycling enthusiasts aged 16 to 69, to explore specific questions regarding the relevance of cycling – yielding some surprising insights.

The Tour de France (TdF) ranks among the biggest global sports events, generating immense international interest among cycling fans. However, the other two three-week grand tours, the Vuelta a España and the Giro d’Italia, also boast a significant global fan base. Regardless of the fame and interest in each of the grand tours, ONE8Y posed a crucial question to the fans: If they could only follow one competition, which of the three major grand tours would they choose?

"First Choice" of the three major national cycling tours in a country comparison

The results speak for themselves: In eight of the nine analyzed markets, the final choice falls on the Tour de France – in Spain, however, with a slight margin ahead of their own national tour, the Vuelta (41%). However, on the Italian market, national pride and enthusiasm for their specific race are evident: 71% of Italian cycling fans would choose the Giro d’Italia over the Tour de France.

ONE8Y CEO Hendrik Fischer commented: „The significance of the Tour de France in the international context is clearly evident from the survey results. The organizers of the TdF have invested heavily in expanding the brand ‚Tour de France‘ in recent years – and this is now clearly reflected in the numbers. This dominance will continue to strengthen in the coming years – with strong implications for the teams as well. A significant portion of the annual media visibility is generated by the participating teams through the Tour de France. This is also crucial for the sponsors.“

Regarding the question of how individual interest in cycling has developed in the markets, on average, 33% of all respondents stated that their interest has increased, while 62% said it remained the same. The largest growth in interest was identified in Brazil (+53%) and the USA (+39%), followed by Spain with 32%. The second lowest growth in interest was recorded in France with +28% growth – only surpassed by New Zealand with +25%.

Change of interest in cycling ove the past two years in selected countries

ONE8Y also addressed another significant question – namely, how the cycling-interested population in the surveyed countries perceives the issue of doping in professional cycling. The results reveal very encouraging developments. Across all cycling fans from the nine countries, more than half (country average = 61%: „Definitely“ and „Rather yes“) believe that there is less doping nowadays compared to the past. The most critical stance on this matter comes from New Zealanders (52%), followed by Germans and French (both 54%).

Assessment of the development of doping in cycling in selected countries

Hendrik Fischer adds: „In recent years, cycling has regained a lot of credibility. The increased controls and growing professionalism have led to fans largely regaining their trust – a very encouraging development and a solid foundation for companies looking to invest in pro cycling.“

The study results are excerpts from the world’s first licensed market research database in sports business called „ONE8Y DB.“ This database contains valid market research data from over 40 countries, covering a wide range of sports marketing and business information. For further information about the database, visit 

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